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At Grupo HAME we recognize our responsibility in preserving and improving the environment that surrounds us. We are committed to identifying, preventing and reducing the negative impacts that our operations may have on the environment, at the same time, we seek to enhance and maximize the positive impacts that we generate.

Our approach is based on maintaining a balance sustainable with natural resources. This implies the adoption of responsible practices in the management of our processes and the incorporation of technologies and strategies that minimize our environmental footprint.

interna sostenibilidad




High Conservation Value (HCV) and High Carbon Reserves (ARC)

We comply with applicable certification regulations and are committed to acting responsibly with respect to areas identified as High Conservation Value (HCV) and High Restoration Value Areas (ARC). In accordance with these principles, we do not carry out new developments in these areas and apply methodologies that combine AVC-ARC-CLP as appropriate, thus ensuring the conservation and restoration of natural ecosystems.

Likewise, we are committed to the preservation of the environment and biodiversity, so we do not deforest, nor change land use for agriculture in areas that include primary forests, secondary forests, native forests and regenerating forests, as well as all natural ecosystems.



The protection and conservation of biodiversity is a priority. We are committed to safeguarding rare, threatened, endangered, endangered or endemic species of flora and fauna that inhabit the areas where we operate. Likewise, we prohibit hunting, fishing, capture, extraction or trafficking of wild animals, nor in the collection of plants in areas that belong to our company or forest reserve areas.

We promote collaboration and cooperation with government entities and national and international non-profit organizations that manage economic investment projects focused on the restoration and protection of biodiversity in areas that may be impacted by our agricultural operations.


Fragile soils

We identify the vocation of the soils and delimit the sites of fragile soils such as high slopes, river banks and peat soils, defining actions to avoid physical or chemical degradation of the soils.

We do not develop plantations in riparian areas, fragile soils, drainage areas and peat soil, regardless of their depth. If for any reason we have plantations in peat soil, we apply the best agricultural practices to minimize any negative impact on these soils..


New plantings and use of fire

We follow our Internal New Planting Procedure for any cultivation area development. This procedure guarantees that all new plantations are carried out in a planned and responsible manner, complying with sustainability standards. In addition, we are committed to not using fire or burning for pest control, preparation or conditioning of future growing areas, or for renovations of existing plantations..