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At Grupo HAME we recognize our responsibility in preserving and improving the environment that surrounds us. We are committed to identifying, preventing and reducing the negative impacts that our operations may have on the environment, at the same time, we seek to enhance and maximize the positive impacts that we generate.

Our approach is based on maintaining a balance sustainable with natural resources. This implies the adoption of responsible practices in the management of our processes and the incorporation of technologies and strategies that minimize our environmental footprint.

interna sostenibilidad


Environmental impacts

We are committed to identifying, preventing and minimizing the environmental impact of our operations, through the incorporation of responsible technologies and processes for the rational use of resources to maximize efficiency and general availability.


Soil erosion and degradation

We have implemented a robust soil preservation program to reduce both water and wind erosion; Likewise, we make rational use of fertilizers and control of organic matter in the soils..


Waste and Waste

We have established a robust Comprehensive Waste and Solid Waste Management Plan. Our approach is based on the 4Rs: reduce, recycle, reuse and dispose responsibly..


Greenhouse Gases (GHG)

Our commitment to reducing GHG emissions is not only an environmental responsibility, but is a step towards a more sustainable and resilient future. For this reason, we periodically calculate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and implement actions for progressive reduction, incorporating mitigation practices and technology in accordance with their operational and financial possibilities..


Energy usage

We improve efficiency in the use of fossil fuels and promote the use of
renewable energy, with these actions we contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable environment



Our responsible water management is essential for our operations and for long-term sustainability such as the efficient, rational and responsible use of water resources. Protection of natural water courses through buffer or riparian zones.

Likewise, we guarantee that the water derived from its processes is properly treated and complies with applicable local regulations.


Pesticide use

Committed to responsible production, we carry out responsible agricultural practices. We have an integrated pest management plan (IPM), which governs the use of pesticides, thereby promoting their reduction according to the possibilities and conditions of the plantation.

Likewise, we do not use pesticides classified as Type 1A or 1B by the World Health Organization (WHO), those on the lists of the Stockholm and Rotterdam conventions, and Paraquat.